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Please Help I Want My Sam and Max

posted by Lord CheeseDip on - last edited - Viewed by 193 users

Hello, I bought the retail version of Sam and Max Season One (a.k.a Save The World) shortly after it came out sometime in August or Sept. of 2007. About a year ago my computer went on the fritz and needed a whole new harddrive and just recently I re-activated it, I don't think any of that should have to do anything with this problem but I'm throwing that out there, My operating system is a Vista Home Premium. My problem is now that my computer is running again my Sam and Max season one will not work. As Soon as I hit the button to autorun when prompted or go to My computer to start it from there, I always get a box saying, Error: Could Not Access the System Registry, not word for word but about that.

I am a huge fan of Sam and Max so naturally I wanted to get down to the bottom of this, being that nothing else, especially no other games have had difficulty working on my computer (Crysis for one) I thought maybe the disk was scratched but it was largely clean, the part where this is weird is when i tried the second disc to see what it would do but it gave me the same box.

Please TellTale help me to fix this (or send me a new copy) because I really miss my Sam and Max.

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