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Tales of Monkey Island Appreciation Thread

posted by Bloody Eugene on - last edited - Viewed by 111 users

Tired of many unpleasant comments (due to the head-to-head fight with a myth) , I start this TOMI appreciation thread! :p

Only good comments here, please....
.... just to show to Telltale that there are some people that think they're doing great!

I liked very much the animations (top notch - no modern adventure has animations like that!), the puzzles (same - very few adventures have so good puzzles) and the story is growing!!!
I liked also some locations (the house of Deep Gut is extraordinary....both inside and outside it looks like a painting!).
For the controls, they are ok.....i use only the mouse and really get used to them very quickly.:rolleyes:
And I like the inventory with the "+" sign: this way u can't do that stupid "use all with all" thing (like Secret Files 2). Very good game design choice!

TOMI is top-notch quality for an Adventure game!!!!!!
Telltale, you are Great!!! :)

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