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  • Could someone please post all the books that you can find in Voodoo Lady's bookcase? :)

  • Great list, guys. I'm looking forward to contributing to the Episode 2 list (It's a bit late now for this one :P)

  • Thanks so much, I had a great time playing through the game again using this list! I played through slowly and methodically the first time but can't believe how much I missed.

  • @marinoushka said: Did you realize for whom the shrine at the creepy shack was for?
    cause in my book, Nor Treblig also happens to be... Ron Gilbert backwards, creator of the MI characters, and keeper of the crossroads as Voodoo Lady so nicely puts it!!

    I actually did notice that, but you beat me to it.
    I know, I know..I am wayyyy too late ;)

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