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LucasArts Star Wars games! (don't lynch me)

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He mentioned Star Wars! String the heathen up!

I was thinking, since LucasArts has made something of a repayment for the events of 2004, I'd be interested to see what the opinions of Star Wars games are around here. We here all, no doubt, remember LucasArts for its adventure games, and although the company lost itself in mediocre Star Wars games after Sam & Max: Freelance Police, there were some really good ones out there, ones that stand the testament of time simply as great games, regardless of the fact they're in the Star Wars franchise.

So the question goes out: what's your favorite LucasArts Star Wars games, and why?

Mine's got to be the X-Wing series, I loved the more "realistic" depiction of space combat simulation(contrast against arcade-ish Rogue Squadron), and the plots of TIE Fighter and X-Wing Alliance were fantastic. Playing the bad guy has never been better anywhere other than TIE Fighter. I fear we will never see the like of that again from LucasArts, as the games were sufficiently complicated in controls, functions, power settings, etc, that I doubt they'd pass the user-friendly/dumbed-down-enough threshold if released nowadays. The Dark Forces/Jedi Knight series come in a close second for me.

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