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What's your theory about the ending of Monkey Island 2 - LeChuck's Revenge?

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Here is mine (obviously full of spoilers about the game):

I think that all anachronisms like cereal boxes, Grog machines, etc are there just for fun as well as the fourth wall breaking stuff like "pirates talked like that" and the Lucasarts phone in the jungle. An amusement park is perfectly normal in a world like this.

My theory is that Big Whoop is a portal. Maybe it travels to different times. Maybe Guybrush went back in time to when he was in his childhood and his parents were alive. That's why his parents wear pirate clothes. Big Whoop is like a time machine.

Maybe LeChuck is really his older brother which went bad when Guybrush was just a baby and left just to become a pirate. His parents never told the truth to Guybrush.

Le Chuck's plan in to go back using the Big Whoop and kill Guybrush while he is a child. After that maybe prevent himself from dying?

Just my theory. I don't believe that "all is a dream" rubbish. It would simply suck in something as brilliant as Monkey Island.

Guybrush and Lechuck are brothers. Le Chuck cast a spell on Guybrush to confuse him. Big Whoop creates a portal to another time when Guybrush was a kid.

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  • @TheJoe said: You pretty much stole my theory, pilouuuu.

    Sorry, it was not my intention. Pure coincidence or maybe it's a collective inconcious message telling us all that's the correct theory.

    Anyway I haven't read your theory before (really) and thought it was great! The connection between Dinky, Booty and Meele Island. Big Whoop is some kind of Bermuda Triangle! And the Voodo Lady appearing everywhere... Wow, all this reminds of Lost a bit.

    And if the correct theory is all that rubbish of "he's a kid" and "it's all a dream", then I just kind of realised after thinking about the amusement park, that it is a rip-off of the Dungeon & Dragons cartoon.

    I like our theories about space-time travelling better, TheJoe!

  • if only we had a what if machine

  • I blame Voodoo... and unicorns

  • I think the ending was ment to be left to inturprtation

  • When i saw the ending of the 2nd part for the 1st time, i was confused. If you see it without curse of monkey island you think.

    Looks like everything that happened in the game was all just a dream an imaginary dream. Why else would appear the parents of guybrush in the middle of the game singing out a song? But then theres the LeChuck eyes glowing red, and i couldnt understand. If LeChuck's eyes wouldnt have glowed i would have said 100% it was all like a child's dream.

    The red eyes of LeChuck for me was like to keep the door open for many games, maybe Ron Gilbert's intention was to make a 3rd installment. But then things got hard in Lucas Arts and he was out. Living things hard creatively for the next writers of the next episode. I gotta say seeing how it was portrayed the ending we should take it as it is from Guybrush, a malicious voodoo hex that was released by LeChuck. The red eyes of the infant LeChuck does it for me.

  • A thing a lot of people don't know is that Big Whoop and the whole carnival were not important in his plans for MI 3.

    There's a whole interview at SCUMM BAR:

    Where, he talks (well, hints) at what he wanted for MI 3.

    Quote from Ron:

    "No, because Big Whoop wasn't really anything important when we started writing the game. The name alone says that. It just turned into something after the fact...Like I said before, I didn't really have any plans for Big Whoop. I didn't think people would latch onto it, so it was never a part of my story."

    So the idea that the carnival would play a big part in Gilbert's MI 3 is probably wrong. Also Elaine and Guybrush wouldn't have gotten married.

  • Big_Whoop_secret.gif

    I always believed that by opening (or smashing) Big Whoop, Guybrush opened the portal to another world or dimension, at first blending with the "real" pirate world, which explains the surreal elements in the final scenes of MI2, and then sucking them completely into this world where they appear as kids in a carneval.

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