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To Telltale and all forum members

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It seems that due to current ongoing occurrences that are taking place in the Sam&Max forum, in which members are expressing their ideas and wishes as to how the game should be constructed, the hard work and effort of the designers and developers is left somewhat un-gratitude.
I've seen comments on the voice acting, 3D models, game interface and so on. Yes, I understand the fans care about the game and want to experience it in the best matter, but come on already. Without Telltale working with Steve Purcell, you would have never gotten a Sam and Max game in the first place as you are all well aware on the millions it cost to make a game. And games studios aren't to keen, to say the least, on putting these millions on adventure games these days. Take a look at all the wonderful games and game designers that were in Sierra and Lucasarts, the ultimate adventure games companies – the fans of their series are longing for a continuation of their franchises for years.
It is certainly a pioneer move to have Sam and Max appear episodic and the truth is that nobody knows if it is the right direction or not, until it comes out. When it will, I am sure Telltale would make the best of it and try to move it forward.
I want to thank Telltale for taking a bold move, firstly for departing from LucasArts to start their own vision, and also to create and push for innovative games.
Personally, I think the location, characters and a strong story to fit all the environment is what is ultimately important.
This isn't about creating the most complex and challenging adventure game, forget that already. This is about bringing these characters to life in their unique style and environments and rest assure that Telltale and Purcell are keeping a strong emphasis on that.
Finally Telltale, thanks for listening and responding, being a part of this forum and interacting with the people who care about this game as I do think it is an important aspect of creating – getting ongoing feedback.

Keep it going.

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    I'd also like to throw in my positive vote to TellTale for all the hard work they've put in on Sam and Max so far, and for their willingness to listen to their fans/customers and actually make changes to their product based on feedback.

    Making a sequel to one of the most beloved adventure games of all time is a rough gig, especially one whose fan-base that is so rabid. Although us fans may bitch and moan every once in a while, I think we all know that you guys are working hard to make the game the best that you can. (Keeping comments/criticisms constructive and civil is key, though, especially if we expect TellTale to listen to them.)

    Anyhoo, yeah, in short, I've really liked what I've seen so far, and I feel that TellTale will really do the game justice.

    Keep up the good work. :D

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    I come from that generation TOMST wanted to bring attention to. I feel I have every right to be passionate about Sam n Max as much as I have the right to be the same about hundreds of story-esq point n click rpg's, simon the sorcerer, monkey island, day of the tenticle.

    I know somehow telltale can extract the attempts and reworkings of recent point n clicks such as farenheight to bring new innovation into the genre and rekindle the industry's thirst for these games.

    I'm nearly 30 and I realise arguing about the bloody voices not sounding the way you want them to and your disaproval at various aspects of the trailer aren't going to make the game better or worse!

    Having lurked this forum, most seven pages of threads and since our man TOMST here came on to thank the big man and telltale I felt it was my turn to express my thanks to the creator and his team who I am sure have it in their interests to make this game something for the fanboy or girl and also to encapsure a new audience.

    By the grace of god we have Purcell and both his id and ego!

    Good luck folks and happy coding, drawing, storyboarding, testing and coffee drinking!!!


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    [quote]By the grace of god we have Purcell and both his id and ego![/quote]

    Come to you mention it, that really is quite remarkable. Purcell, is like, the DUDE.

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    [quote]I think everyones very supportive of telltale and what they've done.. Its just that sam and max is important to a lot of people and they just wanna see this new game done right.. If there wasnt the current discussions goin on I'd be worried because it would probably be a sign of lack of interest in the new game.. The fact that every single frame of the trailer is being analysed just proves how rabbid the fans are :D[/quote]

    Amen to that. Experienced gamers as a rule are fussy and can get quite heated when it comes to a franchise they are a big fan of. I myself have made posts of critique both in favour and against certain aspects of the trailer.
    The animation looks great and the premise is sound. The voices as ive remarked are pretty good likeness wise to not just past appearances but to how I would IMAGINE Sam and Max to sound. They just need some minor tweaks and a bit of work on comedy timing and delivery.
    The fact that these boards ARE showing so much activity shows just HOW much interest there is.
    Most old gamers I know agree that Hit the Road was one of if not THE best old school adventure game ever made and are champing at the bit for Sam & Max's triumphant return.

    My point is when you are this excited about a game there is always this horrible gnawing worry that it wont be anywhere near as good as you had hoped. This isnt because we doubt Telltale's ability, it's just a natural feeling people get.

    To sum up, Telltale for simply CONSIDERING the Sam & Max franchise and for coming so far with it I love you all.

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    I love you Lazerus

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    I am very pleased with how Telltale is working and the way they treat their community. It is up there among with the best developers who clearly show they want to make the game as good as it can possibly be.

    They have my full support. You too, Mr. Purcell.

  • I'd like to add that it seems to me that all anybody seems to want is the old game, except given a facelift. Come on guys, new game/s! New! Bitch all you like but I can't wait to see how everyone's going to love the first episode game thingy and even though it'll be all different to the old game, it'll kick all manner of ass! New! Different! Besides which, a good ten years on you can't expect the new games to be totally similar to the old.

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    Yea! NEW! Forget about all this "adventure" crap. I wanna see a Sam n Max cart racing game! Or maybe a FPS!


    yes I'm kidding

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    A Sam & Max cart race would be cool, but I don't know about a Sam & Max FPS. I just don't see how it would work.

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    [quote]I'd like to add that it seems to me that all anybody seems to want is the old game, except given a facelift.[/quote]

    That's quite a generalization you make there, private.

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