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I think i know who the mysterious lady is...

posted by Edward VanHelgen on - last edited - Viewed by 1.5K users

Well, not quite, but after a long and winding research i finally managed to narrow the list down to two names. i think you will all agree of those


Kenny. Yeah, not much of a lady but he sure can sound like one. And don't forget you threw him out of the Lemonade business, so little weasel has a plenty of motives to track you down.


Oh yes, the Harbor lady. Sooner or later, you knew she will get you for kicking the grog machine and stealing the cans.

I had other theories as well, like the Scummbar lady or the ones from the spitting contest, but the two above mentioned seemed like more likely to be.

Good, am i? Well Telltale, sorry for ruining the speculations, you can just admit it now

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