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Cant sign in to treasure hunt

posted by Devious Cow on - last edited - Viewed by 186 users

Before anyone asks, yes I tried posting this to the support email address and didn't get a reply back - following their instructions I'm now posting the problem on the forum.

I didn't sign in with my Telltale login when I first installed TOMI. I first played it as a demo and then registered the game with my key later when I bought it. Now Treasure Hunting won't track my maps as when I start TOMI it doesn't talk to the internet. I can't work out how to configure the game to try to log into Telltale when I start it up. I don't want to reinstall it for fear of losing saved games etc.

Is there some way to tell Monkey Island that I now have/know my Telltale login and to please try to talk to the Internet so I can use new treasure maps etc?

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