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Error ARM1002 when activating 2nd episode of Sam & Max

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I have preordered the whole Season of Sam & Max.

When I started Episode 2 the activation key could not be retrieved.
Now every time I start a screen appears where I can choose between buying the episode and playing the trial.

If I click on "I have already purchased..." and enter my info I get an error message Invalid Request (ARM1002).

What can I do to play the full episode?

Thanks in advance

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  • i have the same problem as you, i hope it will be solved asap i want to play it dam

  • This is what I get!!

    Your purchase is not complete. Please reattempt payment. (ARM1014)

    Explanation: The program has run into a temporary error. Please wait a few minutes before restarting this application; when you restart it, it will try to retrieve your key again. If you continue to get this error after several attempts, please contact customer service via email at This program will revert to trial mode (if it has one) until your key is successfully installed.

    I have purchased the entire season and Eps 1 worked flawlessly.

  • Me too:( I hope it gets fixed soon. I really want to play this game .

  • Ok, the problem solved, sort of.

    You can click on Activation Support and send support a mail with your Order Number, First and Last Name and the Hardware Fingerprint shown in the Activation Support Window.

    After some time, Telltale will send you the Activation Key to enter.

    And boom, you can play the game. :)

  • "Your purchase is not complete" was caused by the server problem yesterday. Anyone who got that error should try again now that it's been fixed.

    I'm not familiar with the Invalid Request error. I'll ask Digital River about this tomorrow.

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