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Telltale I want to serenade my love for you under a full moon!

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Words can't express my gratitude for the games telltale makes! Sam n' Max are ingenious games and I really love them all, and now Monkey Island my favourite game of all time comes back to life! Thank you thank you thank you!

It seems to me that as video games become more and more popular and widespread, the mainstream games that come out, are getting more and more pointless and boring. All those super-marine space shooters that come out in dozens and receive rave reviews leave me completely cold. As much as games evolve technicaly the worst they become storywise and the less they engage your mind...

So in a way for all of us gamers who love smart, inovative, funny, and mentaly chalenging games telltale is a bright light in a dark night, an oasis in a hot desert, a diamond in a sewer, an episode that makes sense in Lost, a swiss cheese that's always on time, a rotoscope in a sea of petri dishes, our friend, our lover, the smile on a raccoon's face, our mother, it's US.

what was the subject again? ah yes...thank you telltale!

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