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Different music between the two versions?

posted by WedgeWalker on - last edited - Viewed by 65 users

Ok, so I have the WiiWare version of Episode 1. The other day I was watching some video of the PC version on U-Tube, and I noticed some differences in the music.

The compositions seem the same for the most part, maybe entirely. But the instrumentation is definitely different. It's like the two versions are using different soundfonts.

I had just figured that the music would be done in MP3 of OGG format or something like that, and would be the same in both versions.

But that doesn't appear to be the case. The PC version is in a pre-recorded format for sure. But the WiiWare version...

I wonder if it's also pre-recorded, but using different instrument sounds. Or is it using more of a MIDI set-up, using the Wii's sound chip. That would also explain why the music in the WiiWare version is nice and crisp, despite the file-size limitations.

Either way, I find that I don't have a preference between the two versions. They sound different from each other, but both are good.

Just wanted to see if I'm going crazy or if the two versions really are different.

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