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(The Petetion Game:) We hereby petetion Telltale games to immediately begin...

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(^^Misspell intentional :p ) No way would I disrespect the honor of "internet petitions" by making by making a forum game mocking them... Oh wait, yes I would :D

This thread is for listing all our (un-)reasonable demands for Telltale games (one per-post please) and what we are going to do if our demands are not met!

(You can also give a convoluted explanation of how telltale can meet your demand, and make fun of a post before yours... This sort of behavior is encouraged in here, just like in a "real" petition. :o )


From here on, every telltale game should come with a free cookie!

Telltale really should be up to date and have quantum particle accelerators to fire cookies through the internet, I mean its 2009!

If my next Telltale game does not come with a cookie, then I will post the "evidence" I took from their 2007 Christmas party :mad:

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