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ATI Radeon Problem

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Dear Telltale,

I have started noticing lower performance since episode 3 if I'm not mistaken. Performance was low, even though my PC is powerful enough to run many action/adventure games. Adventure games are normally easier to run. The bigger problem is my computer started restarting every few minutes, the problem became general Windows issues until I updated to the latest driver. The problem now remains with Sam & Max ep 4, computer restarts after only few minutes into the game. I still did not finish it and ep 5 is coming! I have tried other adventure game like Syberia and did not have any problems. I noticed the same performance and windows restart problems with Ankh however. Looking at how the game is made I can assume Telltale engine was used in it, and it's giving similar behavior. Am I right in my assumption?

My graphics card is ATI Radeon X600 Pro. I understand all the hard effort you put into fixing problems, but the engine seems to be facing serious issues with many graphics cards, and like this I can't think about buying any game I am still stuck with ep 4.

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  • [quote]I hope you just take it as a point, if the card overheats and restarts the PC, probably your game is a bit resource intensive. An issue better addressed now before it's too late.[/quote]

    That's the thing, the game isn't all that resource intensive (as I understand it), which is why it's probably due to a driver issue or a driver + something else issue.

    Anyway, if we get any new information about this issue, I'll be sure to update this thread. Thanks for your patience. :)

  • Sometimes then, some games just dont run properly on specific hardware. I've run action, strategy, and other heavy multithreaded games with no issues. At least not restart.

    I hope as much as you do it's not in the game, but in the hardware :)

  • I'm having similar issues on a Acer TravelMate 803Lci with a ATI 9000 graphics card. I've had similar issues with WoW, so I'm going to try the Omega Drivers again (fixed a WoW issue, but had to reformat my comp not too long ago).

    I just wanted to post to document my issue and any way in which I might fix it.

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    Just my 2 cents:
    A while ago I had a problem with graphics (not ATI), and I had freezes, reboots and sometimes drawing problems (artifacts) while playing 3D games.
    The problem was not really on the graphics card or its drivers. My motherboard had an issue with one of the transfer modes used on AGP 8X. The solution was to reduce AGP acceleration from 8X to 4X.

  • Actually, my problem was driver-related. With the Acer TravelMate 803Lci, you need to install the Omega Drivers v 3.8.255 or something like that since the ATI 9000 is no longer supported in the most current versions. If that doesn't work, I did update my BIOS and I had the most up to date ATI drivers provided by Acer before I installed the Omega drivers.

    Anyways, my laptop uses PCI for the graphics card ;)

    The loading in episode one when leaving the office for the first time is still a little choppy, but it no longer froze on me :)

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    Glad you could solve your problem.

    Regardless of PCI/AGP/ATI/Whatever; problems related with graphics are mostly graphic cards and graphic card drivers issues. But mostly is not all.

    Heck, the problem may be related to using a certain API, which in combination with a specific hardware and software can cause problems. No wonder why developers like consoles...

    A good thing to try is:
    a) Check for known issues on your hardware with the software provider. If you can't find any, go to "b".
    b) Check for known issues on your hardware on hardware related boards. Start with your computer manufacturer, then the hardware manufacturers and finally the community at large (sometimes the only choice)
    If you can't find any or don't know enough tech stuff, go to "c".
    c) Ask for support

    I'm not pointing this at anyone in particular, take this post only as a general guide

  • That's strange Bashar. It could very well be a memory issue. System memory can cause a lot of problems. I just recently upgraded with some low priced memory knowing that I might have problems with it since it was cheaper, and sure enough I get errors every once and awhile. It's annoying, but it works as long as I don't run something like BOINC which is constantly running full speed.

    You can't rule out a power supply problem either. Are you by any chance using a Dell desktop computer? Dell uses only the very lowest priced and quality parts for most of the system. I've had to repair many computers for people who had Dells because their powersupply died for no reason.

  • Loading the ACI Catalyst drivers 04/07 certainly worked on my system with Radeon 9600XT.

  • A little note...

    The Dell powersupplies I have seen died because they were way, way underpowered. I've seen 180watt generic no-brand Chinese powersupplies in Dells with a couple CD/DVD writers and fairly large Intel's. Oy...

  • I didn't read the complete thread, but did someone opened his pc and checked for clean cooling systems :P.

    Normally you should clean your system every 6-12 month. 3-6 month for notebooks (without onboard grafik). Depens on usage and cooling system.

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