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Very bad bug in The Bogey Man - Third act (spoilers)

posted by Zomantic on - last edited - Viewed by 162 users

I've played through the first half of the game quite smoothly, but now a loathsome bug is preventing me from going on: I've found the deed, the tournament has started, but I can't do anything! I keep moving from one tee to the other through the Technotrousers remote, but when Wallace asks me to find the right club to play, all I can see is the :mad:*%! pavement, and I have no choice but to open the inventory and use the :mad:%§@$! remote again. What should I do?

By the way, the first part was very good, gameplay/script wise. I do expect all these bugs to be fixed before the release of the DVD: I can stand the wee polygon cracks and the voice compression, but not this. Wallace & Gromit deserve more, and so do the players and everyone who put some passion in the development. Please do something about it.

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