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  • @splash1 said: he only said right click to put your gun away, i said right clicking on any object in your inventory

    I never tried that, thanks for the hint.

    Did you look at the weenies back in the 60s? I really loved that one :D

  • @mre said: I think I tried all the dates of the month, but can't remember finding anything hidden...

    Similar to 104, if you change the date to a holiday, you just get an extra joke from Sam & Max when they announce the date change.

  • I loved how the Passive Aggressive AI personality had a positive effect on Young Max. It would have been cool if the AI had a bi-polar setting as well, like Douglas Adams' Marvin.

  • [quote=Marvin]"Come on," he droned, "I've been ordered to take you down to the bridge. Here I am, brain the size of a planet and they ask me to take you down to the bridge. Call that job satisfaction? 'Cos I don't."[/quote]


    Although I wouldn't call him bi-polar since he was always just plain depressed.

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