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Find My Order - help us test!

posted by Emily on - last edited - Viewed by 971 users

When we launched episode 2 on Friday we had a nicely themed "find my order" page to help people find their download links. We got some reports that it wasn't working, and in the franticness of the afternoon we started redirecting to (which is Digital River's version of the same form). Now we'd like to reintroduce our version but we want to make sure it works first! We've tested with some of our own orders but would like to get feedback from others to make sure this thing does what it's supposed to.

Here's what we need you to do:

1) Go to and try to look up your order using your order number and password.

2) If it works, great! Tell us!

2b) If it doesn't work, what happens? Do you get an error?

3) Try doing the password look-up - what happens?

4) Finally, if you can't get the form to work on our site, can you try the same thing at and let us know if it works there?

5) Any suggestions to make our "find my order" page easier to understand?

Post your results on this thread. Thanks a lot - this will help us make our site better!

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