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Episode 1: Can't hit gnome

posted by sverzijl on - last edited - Viewed by 250 users


I've gotten up to the bit where you shoot the bees down and have managed to get the one in the bin and the one in the trousers.

The pond however I'm really stuck and I'm not sure if its a bug. I understand the concept, I'm suppose to hit the gnome with the stop sign, causing the pond to flip whilst the bee is in there and obviously has something to do with the gnome holding the racket.

Now I can shoot the one with racket fine, but the one with the stop sign just seems unhittable. No matter where I aim on the gnome, it just goes straight through him!

Any help would be much appreciated!

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  • Exactly the same problem here!! at first i could spin the gnome with every hit. then i trapped the other beas and worked out how to get the last one with the gnome... but now i cant hit it. driving me mad. help anyone?

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