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T'was the night before release date...

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...and all through the net
The excitement was rising, fan appetites were whet(-ed - yes i know grammar)
The developers hoped that the site would not crash,
In the stampede to download the latest Monkey cache.

Fan's fingers were hovering over the link marked download,
Hoping in their excitement they wouldn't a-splode
Spouses, children and friends shouting 'Give it a rest!'
'POTC did it better - their pirates are best!'

When suddenly in the forum there arose a catterwaul
'It's happening!' It's Happening!' I got a 'Fail Narwhal'
Away to their account pages the fans rushed with a flash
Refreshing their pages, fingers crossed against crash

The comment totals grew faster, numbered more and more
'WTF - is it released yet?! Comment 4044
We've got no forum, let's party in the blogs!
You bring the one-liners and I'll bring the grogs!

Now Guybrush! Now van Winslow! Now LeChuck and Elaine!
On Nipperkin! On Morgan! On Voodoo Lady with no name!
To all new islands! To The Siege of Spinner Cay!
We'll play without washing 24 hours a day!

Once again we give our thanks to the TTG Team
for after nine years you reawakened our dream!
So we all exclaim together on this historic night
Thanks to all at TellTale for getting it (mostly :) ) RIGHT!!

(If anyone else can be bothered adding the other 8 verses be my guest :) )

A little bit lame but I can't draw or programme for sh*t so I throw my efforts to the lions. NOT THE FACE!

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