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Can't save progress in Monkey Island episode 1 - UAC is disabled

posted by Nebu on - last edited - Viewed by 502 users

It's not only save games, but also my preferences (screen resolution, whether or not subtitles are turned on, etc.) which are not saved.

UAC is disabled, and I am running from an admin account.

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  • @Nebu said: Another thing to note is that it seems everyone who is affected with this bug has moved their location to a different drive (I've set my location to "D:\"). Perhaps saving works fine if the location is on the same drive (i.e. "C:\"), but it fails when it's on a different drive?

    Is there any resolution to this yet? I bought the game and want to play it but can't due to this bug. It is seriously annoying and puts me off buying other similar games from TT in future.

  • I just tried a few experiments -- changing my Documents folder back to the default location (C:\Users\Username\Documents) allows me to save my settings and my game. However, if I then change my Documents folder back to where I normally have it pointing (D:\), the game fails to find or save my games and settings.

    HOWEVER, if I set my Documents folder to an actual folder on the D: drive (say, D:\Documents) the game can once again find my settings and save games.

    It seems, at least in my case, that the problem is the Documents folder being a root folder. None of my other games currently have this problem, but Mass Effect did originally, before they fixed it with a patch.

  • Any news on this problem? Any hope of a fix?

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    After researching the problem for a few weeks, I'm afraid there isn't a fix due to a bug in Windows Vista.

    The Details - Short Explanation

    The Windows OS function call available to get the location of the Documents folder returns a "NULL" when the Documents folder is set to the root of a drive. There is no other way Microsoft gives us to find the location of your documents folder under this condition.

    Currently the only fix is the same as before: You can't have Documents at the root of a drive. Any application that refers to the Documents folder without using the Open/Save window will not work when documents are at the root of a drive.

    The Details - Developer (Longer) version

    In order to get the location of the Documents folder, the engine calls the function SHGetFolderPath() with the target of CSIDL_PERSONAL. This function works from Windows XP and above, even though from Vista on up the preference is to use the newer SHGetKnownFolderPath().

    As first the speculation was something with SHGetFolderPath() wasn't catching the location change. When engineering did tests, they discovered both functions still returned "NULL" when the Documents folder was set to the root of a drive. When the location wasn't root, everything worked as expected. How it is that your Windows OS open/save dialog box works yet SHGetFolderPath()/SHGetKnownFolderPath() doesn't is beyond logic, but that's the situation. Maybe it's a security "feature", even with UAC turned off.

    If anyone out there has a contact with Microsoft related to this issue, please put them in touch with me.

  • Thanks for the reply. I know the BioWare guys had the exact same problem, and they managed to find a workaround -- not sure how, but perhaps some sort of kludge to find the setting if the regular function returns NULL?

    I wonder if it's been fixed in Win7 -- if so, my problem will go away in a few months. ;)

  • Assuming Microsoft don't have a fix for this issue (not to be pessimistic but if Epic and BioWare both have had to use workarounds in their titles...) would a workaround be possible?

    Something like using CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA when the path for CSIDL_PERSONAL comes back as NULL possibly?

  • Any progress on getting this fixed?

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    Do I have some good news for you all! MonkeyIsland103 has the fix! Chapters 3, 4, and 5 should have the fix moving forward.

    As for the previous episodes, it will have to wait till we go back for the DVD disc when update plans are figured out.

  • Is there no way to roll out a patch or an update via Steam?

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    The evaluation of updates for all released platforms occurs when the project switches gears to making the season DVD.

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