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Problem with upgrade to full S&M season

posted by TWiesengrund on - last edited - Viewed by 690 users

Hello people,

I bought Culture Shock some time ago. Last week I received an offer by email to upgrade it to the full season. Ok, that's the fun part because as soon as I enter my order number listed in the mail just mentioned, I get this:

"Sorry, we looked that order up and it doesn't seem to contain a qualifying product to upgrade. Please make sure you're entering the correct order number."

Either the mail was sent by accident (I strongly refuse to believe that, BECAUSE I WANT THE FULL SEASON!) or there's an error (that's what I'd like to believe). I hope you can help me out with this. If you need my order number, I'll mail it to a secure address.

Thanks a lot,
Lasse Björn Rosenberger

P.S.: Sam&Max rule the goddamn planet!

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