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Boycot the Hints

posted by Shish keJoe on - last edited - Viewed by 941 users

The game is out for like what..? 4 hours... put a little effort in finishing it yourself..!

I call for an official 48h boycott on giving information on this game!

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  • The hints are okay, but I've allready seen some topics with exactly the same questions.

    Maybe people should be forced to read the "Read first! - Signpost thread for easy linkage topic" in some way. As in: when you open this specific board you are first redirected to this topic... then you can visit the rest.

  • use the in-game hints....actually the ones i received were:

    "Perhaps I just wandering around and do more Plundering! Argggh!"

  • boycotting the hints? what a crazy idea.. who is anyone to tell people how they should be enjoying the game. Some people don't have the patience to spend ages working out a puzzle... let them ask hints if they want them.

  • See I like the hints that the Special Edition of Secrets of Monkey Island has. It gives you a general hint then it gets more blatent as you click. I am currently stuck in a situation where that would be very useful. I have a Pyrite Crowbar and can't think of anything to use it with.

    I know I have to get something in a treasure chest but i dont know how.

    Stuff like that would make this alot more possible for me to do this. I'm going to try on my own till the weekend but I think I might have to go to a hints thing if I'm still stuck on monday.

  • I almost finished it without hints, but there was one part in the early reviewable version that was incomplete/different and it really messed me up. Had it been like it is in the final I'd have gotten it.

  • Update:
    I realized I have been playing the game out of order :confused:

    Those who got passed the 3 artifacts know what I'm talking about. Only problem is I know what I need to do for this one part but getting this one item is so frustrating. :mad: Ive been to every island three times and still cant find something to allow me to get it.

  • I might be semi inclined to agree with this thread, as I didn't find any puzzle particularly difficult or frustrating. There was one thing that stumped me for about half an hour though, and it was because of something stupid. That damn bucket blends in perfectly with the background, is very small, and in order to find it you basically have to mouse over it at random.

    I hate it when the only reason I'm stumped is because of a pixel hunt.

  • I don't mind people asking for hints. They can do whatever they want - it's not a competition. If you find certain things fun, then go ahead doing them that way.

    I dislike when the same people who use it hints complain the game was too easy or too short. Well duh it's short - you looked up the answers!

  • @drunkenmonkey said: The deeper issue is probably that real adventure gamers are disgusted by players who don't have the patience it takes to play adventure games. That is a strong word, but it is appropriate.

    I'm not. Does that mean I'm not a real adventure gamer even though I play adventure games?

  • Having standards for who is or isn't an adventure gamer beyond "they play adventure games" is stupid.

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