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ToMI 2 crashing when Guybrush boards the raft

posted by Quasar on - last edited - Viewed by 102 users

I'm currently on Spinner Cay. I think I'm done with all dialogues there and can also travel around with the Narwhal again.
But everytime I get on the raft, the game crashes. You see Guybrush getting on it and then there's a complete freeze - graphics freeze in place, no reaction to any imput whatsoever.

The only option is to kill the game from task manager. (I'm using XP btw).

Anyone else having this problem (or even better, a solution to it?)

Cheers, Q

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    DjNDB Moderator

    If it's always happening at the same place maybe your download got corrupted?

    You should try downloading and installing it again this way:

    Fresh Download
    Uninstall the game and choose not to delete your save games.
    Then make a clean download as described below, and install it.

    Deleting temporary internet files:

    Before downloading it again it is generally recommended that you
    delete your browsers cache/temporary internet files so that it is not loaded from there:

    Internet Explorer 7: In the menu choose "Extras/Delete Browsing History...". In the resulting Window select "Delete files..." for "Temporary Internet Files".

    In recent Firefox and Internet Explorer 8 you can delete the cache/temporary internet files with CTRL-Shift-Del.

    In Firefox you would only select "Cache".

    In Internet Explorer only select "Temporary Internet Files".
    Uncheck all other boxes in each case.

    After installation check if the error still occurs.

  • Thank you, that really did the trick.
    I didn't think it would be that simple,but you won't hear me complaining. ;-)

    Cheers, Q

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