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Please increase the sound quality for voices

posted by neilka on - last edited - Viewed by 601 users

As has been noted in several threads of yore, the sound quality used for voices in past Telltale releases has been lower than some people would like. The voices sound overcompressed and clipped, which is especially evident when a character says the letter "s".

(To head this off at the pass - I realise that some people either don't notice or don't care about this problem, in which case forget you ever read this thread and don't try listening for it!)

With Dominic Armato back on board, it'd be an extraordinary shame for the voices to fall victim to the same problem again. So I beseech you Telltale, please increase the amount of data allocated to voices this time around so that Guybrush's esses (and other letters) can ring out across the Caribbean with the clarity they deserve.

Thank you!

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