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Corrupt a Wish

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All u have to do is make a wish and the person below must think of a way to corrupt that wish.
Example: I wish for a plate of cookies
Response: your wish is granted but u have no milk therefore u die of thirst when u eat them

I wish for a puppy.

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  • Granted but after just one days use to are diagnosed with diabetes from eating too many chocolate chainsaws

    I wish i had a Mountain Dew fountain.

  • Granted, but you have to refill it yourself. I think there's some at the store.


    I wish for a box.

  • @tredlow said: Granted.

    You spent a lot of time flying.

    You learned to communicate with birds and discovered that their conversation was fantastically boring. It was all to do with wind speed, wing spans, power-to-weight ratios and a fair bit about berries. Unfortunately, you discovered, once you have learned birdspeak you quickly come to realize that the air is full of it the whole time, just inane bird chatter. There is no getting away from it.

    I wish for an amazing feat of wonder.

    This is from Hitchhiker's isn't it?

  • @Marduk said: This is from Hitchhiker's isn't it?

    No, it's from Harry Potter and The Wikkit Gate, the relatively unknown chapter of the Harry Potter series. The movie's being made next year, I think.

    Continuing the events from the end of the previous book, Harry and Ron are stuck in prehistoric times. Then, by riding a magical sofa (or 'portkey' as those magic folk call it), they were transported to Lord's Cricket Ground, two days before Voldemort destroys the muggle world. Then they met Dumbledore, who led the two on a quest to stop the charming, delightful, intelligent if whimsical, ordinary Krikkit wizards who intend to destroy the wizard world.

    Later in the book, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore, and Zaphod met the Krikkit wizards' guardian, a being named Hactar, who lost control of the Krikkit wizards. And they did something, I dunno...

    In the end, Harry learned to fly.

    Now, if you please...

    I wish for a box.

  • granted. you get a box. it's a MAGIC box, even! this magic box takes you on a magical jerney. you are having the time of your life untill it does a barrel roll into a pit of lava. (it's an injoke from the origonal corrupted wish along with broken pens...)

  • oops... forgot my wish...

    i wish that i could punch a perfectly tame buffalo that wouldn't atack me or eat me in this perfectly uncorruptable wish. :D

  • You punch the buffalo, which sadly doesn't notice it at all, so you're going home unfulfilled in the knowledge that you wasted the only wish you will ever have.

    I wish everything was exactly the way it is now.


    *ahem,* anyways... granted. but then you break a pen, trip, and impale yourself on it while you do a barrel roll into a pit of lava.

    i wish for an army of superclones that don't hate me and won't eat me or attack me in any way and they do what i command.

  • Ah, granted. But having the whole world in your command becomes slightly boring. No one to give you ideas or anything, you quickly die for no absolut reason.

    I wish people liked my fictions and drawings. =D

  • uhum... and i...died...somehow...

    granted. everybody likes your fictions and drawing. 'cept me. i break your favorate pen and... well... you know what happens. broken pen... in a corrupted wish...

    i wish in this other completely uncorruptable wish i had a perfect instrament... that's prefrably a french horn... it's uncorruptable just so you know...

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