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Spooky ancient map

posted by michallo_w on - last edited - Viewed by 754 users

Alright, I've got that ancient map and I don't know where to go when I'm on the calendar. It's supposed to go north and there should be gate, but there's only a cottage with Voodoo Lady

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  • @Yonkey said: I'm stuck at these 3 steps. Are you supposed to hear a chime after doing step #1? Are you supposed to do step #1 before or after using the flower?

    Basically, whenever I go north to follow the bee, he automatically walks to the calendar and it fails.

    I'm stuck at the same spot. I've read the spoilers, even, to see what I'm doing wrong. I've tried doing what it says, but it fails every time. :confused:

  • Finally! I see what I was doing wrong. I took one step too many on the path, and had to turn him back the other way quickly.

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