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I love this game, and can't think of many major changes that are needed (aside from additional characters.) Two minor additions I would like to see are a dealer button to indicate the current dealer and keyboard shortcuts for the various actions (e.g. "C" for Check/Call, "F" for fold, "R" for raise, "Any Key" to deal, "M" for menu, and "T" for totals.

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  • A lot of things to do:

    a "real" tournament with different opponents
    more difficult (they are predictable!)
    more jokes :)
    better resolution
    I don't know if it's already done, but a system that check how many time you think before playing, to know if you're hesitating
    and we mustn't know if it is done, so we cant cheat :p

  • There's two things that I'd LOVE to see:

    1) When someone wins a hand, we're shown exactly what they're winning hand was... instead of just seeing all the cards together and the computer saying they won. It'd be nice to see the combined winning hand displayed, so you see how they've won. I know it's not much, but it just bugs me the way you're not shown the winning hand properly.

    2) Blackjack! Blackjack is a much better game than Poker (IMHO) and would require hardly any extra programming (I imagine :)). I've even created my own Blackjack game before, it is really easy, especially if you've already got the virtual card deck sorted. There's practically no "tactics" involved in BJ (pretty much like Poker if you play it "statistically correct"), so the AI would be quite easy to do (there's plenty of online guides of the best way to play given your hand), but it's still a really enjoyable game to play. I think it's the most popular game in casinos, too?

    I'd certainly love to play Blackjack with Telltale because the playing practises you'd learn would be applicable to real life, too (unlike Texas Hold'Em where you just wait for a decent hand and then keep going "all in" until a computer player does the same... Way too easy!).

    Thanks! I look forward to the "director's cut"!

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