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Spinner Cay: Games Explorer issue on Windows 7

posted by Jordik on - last edited - Viewed by 254 users

There's a weird issue on my Windows 7 RTM x64 system with the Games Explorer shortcut for Siege of Spinner Cay: it opens the install folder of the game, rather than launch the game itself.
The TOME1 shortcut works correctly, as do all other ones.

I have checked the registry, and the entry looks pretty much identical to TOME1's, except of course for the MonkeyIsland101.exe / MonkeyIsland102.exe bit and description.

Uninstalling/reinstalling results in the same issue.

Relevant bits from my registry:[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\GameUX\Games\{E22957A5-315B-4477-93EE-9170F6482CFF}]
\"ConfigApplicationPath\"=\"D:\\Games\\Tales of Monkey Island\\The Siege of Spinner Cay\\\"
\"ConfigGDFBinaryPath\"=\"D:\\Games\\Tales of Monkey Island\\The Siege of Spinner Cay\\MonkeyIsland102.exe\"
\"AppExePath\"=\"D:\\Games\\Tales of Monkey Island\\The Siege of Spinner Cay\\MonkeyIsland102.exe\"

Note that of course I can launch the game by clicking the exe -- it's just weird that the GE is broken this way.
Have others the same issue?

//Argh, I posted this in the wrong forum!

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  • Same Issue with the Retail and RC versions...

    I never noticed it before (I have shortcuts on my desktop), but checked it after reading this topic...

    Not a very big issue, but strange and in need of a fix.

    Maybe someone can check if it is the same in Vista.

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