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The Legendary Monkey Island FanArt

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For those of you who were not a part of the Monkey Island community back in the days, there was a lot of fanart, as can be seen here

I don't know about you guys but I got inspired right away when I saw the Tales of Monkey Island footage and I've been sketching like a madman the past two days.

Any artists in here? I'm curious if we'll see some new ecxiting work. And I of course hope dat some old favorites like Ado will come back to make some more masterpieces :)

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  • @Fealiks said: Wow, this needs to be an in-game location :D

    haha thank you :) it would be a dream come true if they used this for a location!

  • I think a location should be some sort of a museum, with the art in it being all the fanart from this thread ^__^

  • has this fanart thread became some sort of photoshop thread now? Because I see more photoshopped pictures than actual drawings. Oh! And good job on your drawing Guimero64!

    I just think that photoshopping pictures together isn't really art. What's art is when you would put all your heart into it.

  • This is in no way a dis to Guybrush, I just did it for fun :) Enjoy! NewImage.jpg

  • Something tells me Guybrush would know how to drive a car or ride a motorcycle if he came across either of them. He seems to know a lot about 20th Century stuff.

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    DJ Jack, that remix is AWESOME, fantastic job. I guess for those not into dance/electro it might hard on the ears, just give it a chance regardless.

    @bobdevis said: Heh. Tell that to the rest of the internet.
    Jpg is like mp3. Basically the most crappy standard you possibly can chose. But everybody uses it anyway because....everybody else uses it.

    I beg to differ. MP3 has no direct implications to what _we_ as human beings are hearing. Whereas JPEG in most cases does not strike the perfect balance between quality & data size, MP3 comes close for casual use. They are definitely related, I wouldn't call them alike.

    Also like 25% of the internet still uses Internet Explorer 6 which doesn't do .png properly.

    I would like to add some additional information to this statement.
    IE6 has no alpha channel support & in some occasions there are slight gamma issues. Other then that, there is absolutely no complications as to using PNG.

  • I drew this for an italian Monkey Island forum banner (a friend of mine did the colors):
    B&W version
    Final version

  • Vitoner...really nice...I would like to see a larger version of the finished article though.

  • Not exactly traditional fan art, but I think it still deserves a post here:
    This is a 3D edit of Steve's cover artwork. Basically, individual portions of the image were extracted and moved horizontally to simulate depth using a warp filter and layer offsets.
    See the ToMI 3D thread for information on how to view the image using the crosseye method. If you call a 3D display your own, you can just load it into a standard image pair viewer.


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