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Is it possible to get a refund?

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I pre-ordered Tales of Monkey Island, 'coz I'm such a big fan, and all. However, after playing through the first, and struggling from start to finish with the horrible control scheme that sucked the entire fun out of the game, while failing to deliver me anything near a "cinematic experience", I really cannot bring myself to play the second part.

I'm sure it's possible to see how many times a particular game has been activated by a user. If it is, you'll see that, while I downloaded the second part, I have yet to activate it.

Don't get me wrong, the jokes were good, the voice acting was superb, the environment was nice, the music was awesome, but the controls... I don't want this game anymore.

Now, usually, if I purchase something and am not happy with it, I can return it. Even at a restaurant, if I order a meal, start eating and then send the almost full plate back because it was unedible, I also get either a refund, or another meal.

And I played through the first part, but I haven't even activated the second part. Can you please delete that game from my account and give me a refund? I don't want it. Direct control in an adventure game makes as much sense as playing an FPS with a steering wheel, or an MMO with a gamepad. It's even worse than playing a platform game with only a mouse.

Thank you.

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