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Accidentally invalidated Talk Like a Pirate Day coupon

posted by BiggerJ on - last edited - Viewed by 206 users

I think I accidentally invalidated my Talk Like a Pirate Day coupon due to a bug. I already bought the ToMI season so I tried using it to buy Sam & Max Episode 101. However, I forgot to click the 'apply coupon' button so I put it in after I put in my address. I chose the Paypal option, and instead of skipping the payment process like your site normally does when a 'make the whole order free' coupon is applied before the address-inputting stage, I was sent to Paypal's site, which wouldn't let me send you zero dollars. After giving up on that and trying again, and applying the coupon at the right time, I was told that the coupon is now invalid. Could you please fix my coupon or send me the free episode I was trying to get or something?

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  • I don't know what I did, but the same thing basically happened to me too. I was trying to order episode 1 of Bone and the Monkey Island print at the same time... was that the problem? In any case, something went wonky around the paypal step and the payment didn't go through. Now my coupon doesn't work. Help!

  • I'm so glad that if you dnt have narwhal PC, that is autimaticly the one you get. No coupon requird just hit download.

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    David E Telltale Staff

    Yeah, there's a little hitch with adding coupon stuff at checkout. Applying the code at the first step of the cart is the better option and will bypass the checkout stage (assuming you don't have anything else that costs money in your cart :))

    Sending you guys PMs now.

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