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I Won A Contest!

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Back in June, I drew a fan-poster of Wallace and Gromits Grand Adventures and submitted it to the Wallace and Gromit art contest on the official website.

And I was lucky enough to make runner-up in third place!

I didn't want to mention it until they had the piece up on the site. So I went to look a couple days ago and sure enough there it is. It got a lot of positive feedback too! (6 out of 6 ratings and not one negative comment.) Along with this URL you can also find it listed under the June '09 winners.

The entry-

Fancy British Address on my prize(as I live in America this is the only thing from a British address I have)-

The Wallace and Gromit - Curse of the WereRabbit poster was a great prize, I really had a lot of fun with the contest! The thing is about as tall as I am!-


I just wanted to share this everyone because the entry is based on Grand Adventures and I'm really happy with how it turned out! It got me VERY fired up to maybe enter the contest again this Fall.

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