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Updated Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2 posted

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Hi all,

The team's just uploaded an updated version of Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 2.

Those that have experienced audio issues will find improvements here.

You can get it from the same location:

This is replacing the prior version and becomes the standard game download version going forward.


- Eric, Telltale

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  • Now that's a nice thing to hear, Telltale. :)

  • but for me, this version is worse than the previous one.
    In the previous version, I got to the launcher, but the game crashed after clicking "Launch game".

    Now, The game crashes even before I get to the launcher! I see nothing.

  • ...whoa. Rather surprised.

    Un-Telltale like.

  • See, all they needed was a support group... You can do it telltale, you can kick compression for good XD

    (Actually, I just want to see them go through the 12 steps... be sure you bring a camera for "making amends" ;) )

  • Thank you... not really because the issue bothered me that much, but because I think there's a decent chance now that the forum will become usable again.

  • I believe this is now up on Steam as well. It should auto-update for you.

  • But you will need to completely quit & re-start your Steam client to get the patch. Or so I have heard...

  • Is there any way to be notified within the launcher that a new version of the episode is available, or some sort of auto-update function?

    I have Launch of the Screaming Narwhal ver.
    and Siege of Spinner Cay ver., I'm downloading the Spinner Cay update as I write this.

    However, I'm not sure if there has been an update to Narwhal after, unless I search the forum, or just go ahead an re-download the installer from the "My Games" page.

    Also, and this may be a little off-topic, but I'm surprised that each chapter has its own launcher, I was expecting each chapter to be integrated into the same launcher when I first booted Launch of the Screaming Narwhal. Is that sort of thing going to be available with the compilation DVD?

    ToMI is my first TellTale product, so I don't have any previous experience with the final "season" package and how it behaves.


  • On the season DVD it has one unified launcher for all episodes. As for update warnings, to be honest our episode updates are so few and far between that we haven't actually needed one. I think we've only actually updated two episodes in the time since SM2 finished.

    Also the Season dvd will have all of the most recent versions as well. At any rate, I'll bring up some ideas with the team. If nothing else, maybe we can get the version numbers more publicly listed.

  • Is there a way we can configure the settings -before- we launch the game? I was able to launch the game only by geting someone to send me a pref.prop file with a different resolution than the default (for some reason, my laptop doesn't like the default configuration and crashes before I ever get to the title screen, meaning I can't make adjustments at all to it.)

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