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Monkey Island slow Fps

posted by Duran72 on - last edited - Viewed by 2.9K users

Guys i have a Dual core 6600, 4Gb, and 8800GTS OC not the worst PC and after playing some minutes the fps go down from 60fps to 30/40fps (in the same area!) and i'm still i don't understand why! i play at 1680x1050 quality 9... (if i go down it's the same...). I also don't understand why when i change a scene sometime the game start to save the game... and then my fps go very very low!

I tried all change resolution, change quality but it's always the same... any helps?


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  • @Cyphox said: You know that your 6200LE is a pretty shitty graphics card?

    Yes it is. But the game runs smooth on my 5200. It should not be a problem on a lower Graphics quality setting.

  • Well, I just tried cranking he graphics all the way down to 1 (which looks perfectly fine btw). Low and behold, the mouse was now in time with my movements, the lips were synched and everything worked perfectly!

    Until the end of the credits, at which point the game crashed :(

  • Well, I'm still experiencing problems. I'm running the game with quality at 1, on 1280x720 res. On chapter 2, this setting makes the game work flawlessly, but for some reason chapter 1 has a really poor mouse control, most notably during the intro, but through the entire game. Did the engine get altered or something? The game really needs a patch, in this case.

  • Very low fps here too. I tried a lots of things and made it work finally, here's my hardware info and what I did.

    Pentium 4, 2.8 GHz (2 CPUs), 3GB Ram, NVIDIA Quadro FX 1000 with 128 MB, running on a SP3 Windows XP, with directX 9.0c (which the game itself updated while installing I think).

    The graphic card usually runs dual-head on 2 monitors, so beside low FPS there was a completely unusable 'half-a-screen' display of the menu and game. I couldn't get rid of it by disabling nor completely unplugging either of the monitors, so I clicked on where I imagined the fullscreen option was, turned it off, and alas!, could see all the interface finally!

    The low fps are the same for both of the first 2 episodes for me though, increasing resolution (windowed) slows it down even more. Turning graphics from 4 to 3 solved it completely though. It's funny that 1 - 3 runs perfectly smooth, and 4 to 6 laggy as hell. My assumption would be that something that turns itself on at graphic level 4 (may be -higher- anti-aliasing) doesn't work well with the Nvidia drivers and/or DirectX... Hoping for a patch :o

  • Could this slow and lagging issue be related to the fact that the game doesn't seem to support multiple CPU's? I noticed the game is only using just one of my CPU's and maxing it out constantly. Does anyone know how to make the game use both CPU's or am I stuck using one?

    For the record, I am having very slow graphics at quality level 1 even though I don't have an NVidia card like the rest of you. But then again, I am using a crappy Intel 945 Express Chipset graphics card, which isn't really made for gaming and always seems to have problems with compatibility.

  • Help-I am not very technical, just want to play the new Monkey Island! I think I am having same issues described above-mouse is very jerky and hard to point to what you want, sound is not in synch with what I see on screen.

    When you are saying change graphics, do you mean on the game settings or within your computer settings somewhere? Any other possible fixes? Thanks!

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    DjNDB Moderator

    @kathy11515 said: When you are saying change graphics, do you mean on the game settings or within your computer settings somewhere? Any other possible fixes? Thanks!

    It is about in-game settings:

    changing the graphics quality level
    Start the game.

    Under "Settings" click the red arrows until you see "graphics settings".
    Set "quality" to 1 and test the game. If you want increase it as long as it runs well.

    It is possible that you have a slow graphics card. In that case a fix would be to buy a better one. If you want we can find out about that.

  • I'm also taking the opportunity here to complain about the extreme mouse lag once more :)

    I have a low-end graphics card (first a Radeon HD3450, now a Radeon HD4200 IGP), so low framerates don't bother me that much. But in most other games, despite low fps, there is still no noticeable delay between moving the mouse physically and seeing the result on screen.

    In Telltale's games however, this has been a constant problem for me since my first game, Sam & Max Season 1. I don't know how much of a change in the graphics engine this would require, but I'd really appreciate it if you could increase the "thread priority" for mouse input and rendering dramatically, so that the cursor moves without delay no matter how slow the rest of the game runs...

  • It's actually a DirectX thing I believe. Because we change the mouse pointer, we have to wait for DX to render everything out. Which means when the computer slows down, DX processes more slowly and the mouse gets delayed.

    ...or so I've been told. Could be wrong.

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    I did some quick testing in the start of the 1st chapter (i.e. on the deck of the ship). I'm using 1920x1080 resolution and E4300 @ 3 GHz, GF8600GT @ 595/790, 2 Gt RAM + WinXP. I monitored the FPS with Fraps.

    Using graphics quality 3 I get a stable 60 FPS, meaning it doesn't change if I walk around. If I set graphics quality to 4 (or even higher when it's even worse), I get 23-30 FPS and the mouse get terribly laggy.

    This is just my two cents, I can play with graphics quality 3 but I'm just wondering the huge FPS drop and mouse lag with higher settings. I don't think an overclocked 8600GT should be that old and slow.

    Edit: I also have another monitor connected to the computer as well, if that affects something. The graphics card drivers are ForceWare 175.19 (I know, not the newest ones).

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