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Help with Wii version of Monkey Island chap 2!

posted by Rossicev on - last edited - Viewed by 113 users

Hi, there.

I bought Tales of Monkey Island ch 2 on Wii Ware, and I have a problem. I got 2 summon artifacts, but I couldn't give de seahorse. I stay 2 days in front of my TV and, finally, I come to my computer to see a "FAQ" on internet, but something weird is hapening. I distract the pirates but, even when they aren't look to chest, I can't put the parrot inside. They look for the other side, I select the parrot in the inventory and clic on the chest, but they stop Gybrush attempt, and after they comment something like "I miss it" and turn back. May I have doing somethin wrong?

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  • Don't worry, this puzzle is pretty annoying. It stumped us all for awhile.

    Double Distraction may be a possible solution?

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