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OMG I'm in love with the demo ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS! I love you TellTale Games!

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I've played the demo three times today:p It's the best I got until my Birthday. I'm so in love with it but I'm not too crazy about Lechuck turning human and Elaine going "Woof!"

You guys nailed the characters and I think even strengthed Elaine! It's like it never ended, it's like the same people just kept going on with it and made another game! Like it really is! :D

I like the happy marriage in Monkey Island, I can't stop playing the demo, it's my favorite game right now! OMG so good! I love it! I love you Telltale games I can't wait until my B day where I can play all 3 episodes out of 5!

"Great, now we're going to die, again..."
"Elaine you have inordinately strong thighs" AWESOME LINE GRR I love your style!
Elaine is so awesome! I liked her before but this is so far my favorite Elaine game. I love you telltale games! Most games make me sick anymore with their 3D but this game is a easy play and the graphics are nice and smooth and easy on the eyes.

You guys are the best! I can't wait to play the whole thing! Grade A quality! I'm in love! Wow, I enjoyed Sam and Max but I'm already in love with this game!

You guys are the best!
The best!

The best...just the best...I'm going to go play the demo again!

I cant wait until my Bday! I cant wait! Unless I play the demo EVERY DAY! EVERY DAY!

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