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Monkeyisland103.exe has stopped working

posted by TookiGuy on - last edited - Viewed by 449 users

I guess it needs its own thread.
So I start the game, and I get a little white box, before the aforementioned "Monkeyisland103.exe has stopped working" on Vista 32.

I think it's because of DirectX, which the installer started downloading and considering the installation files are generally close to a hundred MB, I was surprised it took about 3 minutes on my connection(should generally take around 30 minutes). So I downloaded the complete August installer, and installed it, and reinstalled Episode 3, but no luck.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

EDIT - Hate to whine to you guys, but I just checked, and the older episodes suddenly don't seem to be working either. I seem to be having exactly the same problem with them.

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