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The telltale shading style

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Am I the only one?

One thing I've noticed is the rendering technique that telltale have used in hold-em and Bone, seems to flatten the 3d image a little and remove detail ?The way they do it, it makes the characters seem almost....translucent at times, as if they weren't tangibly opaque.

At the moment I couldn't do better, and I'm not putting it down. I'm just wondering if anyone else gets a slightly "2d washed out" feel, that's all. Especially considering SNM live in such a vibrant world, does their technique / engine allow for this vibrancy and color contrast, or is there another engine in dev, or is the one engine being constantly tweaked?

So, am I the only one who gets this impression? Maybe there just hasn't been a need to apply such color contrast or detail given the subject matter. I mean, Bone is white and smooth, not much you can say. But the Dragon for example seems...faded. Mayhaps that's just what was required.

Eep. Couldn't think of a way to word this that didn't sound like I was complaining. dammit. I'm really, really not. I'm just voicing a thought is all.


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  • CSI will also be in First Person. Quite the impressive engine!

    And maybe tricks & techniques used in modelling those CSI actors will help make refinements to Bone's Thorn model, which many people believe hasn't quite nailed the look from the comics.

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    The Thorn is admittedly a little too cartoony for my tastes. Although Granma Ben is quite cartoony (at least at the start) the other characters are much more realistic looking. I really hope they find a way to get the characters to look a bit grittier and more realistic, especially in the later episodes.

    What I'm wondering is if the later ones will have blood... the comics stayed away from it for the most part, but there were some sections that definitely featured blood.

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    I dreamt about the new Sam & Max game tonight, and it kinda looked like the cancelled Freelance Police but with lower graphics, and it gave me a really bad feeling in my stomac.

    I'm not usually the person that cares much about graphics, but I can't forget how gorgeous Sam & Max looked in FP. If you get the graphics close to that quality (I know I ask about much), it would be great. I don't ask to copy the style, but I wouldn't mind something similar. Or different...

  • That's what your dreams are like?

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    I don't usually have dreams like that, but sometimes, yup. I don't want to doubt Telltale in the creation of these games. Perhaps that's the reason I do it in my dreams instead.

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    Rapp Scallion... it was (mostly) the Telltale team that made FP. That's an old(er) game. And they're aiming for a "grittier" style more reminiscent of the comics. Combine the two and WHAM! You have some damn awesome graphics.

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    I've almost never had dreams about games before, but the other night I had one about the upcoming SNM game. The graphics weren't cutting edge or anything but it was still charming and enjoyable.

    I haven't lost hope yet.

  • Going offtopic, but not completely:

    I once had a dream about a Leisure Suit Larry game (don't remember which one). I had reached almost the end of the game, but sat up all night pulling my hair, not having a fuse to light to blow up the fortress in the volcano with the lighter and flammable hairstylingproduct. I went to sleep, where I dreamt through the whole game, up to a point in the middle of the game, where I picked up a barfbag from a flightseat.(which i must have missed by going back to an earlier save). I immediately woke up, said "AHA!", ran down, played the game through from start to finish, this time picking up the barfbag, and completing the game.

    Morale: Uhhh? Dreams about games can be profitable? Hehe.

  • [quote]I've almost never had dreams about games before, but the other night I had one about the upcoming SNM game. The graphics weren't cutting edge or anything but it was still charming and enjoyable.

    I haven't lost hope yet.[/quote]

    I often have dreams where I am in games. Not always a good thing either. I once had a dream about a level I was stuck on in some video game and I kept falling into the lava in my dream. It didn't hurt but I hated the dream repeating its self the way it did. I've had plenty of fps type dreams. Haven't had any in quite a while since I haven't had a real chance to play games for some time. (well except those couple days I played civ 4 to death and katamari damacy and burnout revenge... so many damn games to play. I'm getting even more at christmas and I've got a big stack to still complete. Ahem!.. just got a little off topic) so.... yeah... dreams about games are cool.

  • Oh yes on a related note. Coding dreams are not fun or dreams where you get a nasty virus. I have a bunch of those too. Although once I think an algorithm came to me in a dream, Woke up and coded it.

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