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Help! Installing a 3D graphics card on an ATOM

posted by monotreme on - last edited - Viewed by 114 users

Hi folks,

So I messed up, so excited was I by the prospect of reliving my childhood (well teenagerdom) that I went ahead and bought Monkey Island 5 without properly checking the system requirements. I checked it would run on XP but not what graphics I need (colour me not-generally-a-gamer).

Anyway after a truly painful hour doing the pre-credit sequence on Chapter 1 where every movement took minutes even with graphics quality and resolution set as low as possible I prodded around enough to discover my integrated graphics on my pentium with ATOM desktop are woefully inadequate for anything other than the word processing and browsing I normally do on it.

So what to do? Do I write off the $35 I've spent and buy it for the Wii (which I realise now would habve been the more sensible alternative from the start (for me MI was always a PC game so I chose that for sentimental reasons), or do I attempt to upgrade my ATOM with a 3D graphics card. I'd be quite keen to do the latter if possible, but is it a goer or should I ditch that plan now? What do the gurus here think?

Bearing in mind I have only downloaded the first chapter can I get any of my money back for the undownloaded chapters and trade them in towards the Wii version? Or do I need to start saving again from scratch?

You live and learn,

Monotreme (sad not to have the prospect of playing MI tonight as she had planned)

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