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new controls or bug in chapter 3?

posted by josey on - last edited - Viewed by 141 users

Hi Telltale,

I have tried out chapter 3 yesterday, and I was very irritated. The control scheme is different: In the first two episodes you could click and hold on an object and get the circular menu to choose the action you want. in episode 3 this feature is gone. Is this intended or is this a bug on my side?

it really feels that something is missing in gameplay. it was always so great to just explore all the options with every item or person and to get funny comments. if this was intended, please consider reviving it for the next episode. for me it takes a lot of fun out of the game.


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  • @josey said: oh darn,

    you guys are absolutely right. but I was not mistaken it with "Curse of Monkey Island", but with another adventure I played recently: "The Whispered World". It adapted the control scheme from "MI 3" with the 3 options.

    I really don't know what went wrong in my head, I projected the gameplay experience from Whispered World onto Tales of Monkey Island.

    I guess I was just missing this feature. The interface in Tales is just a tad linear and doesn't give you much options.

    Well then I guess this issue is resolved... ;-) I am sorry for my confusion.

    well, if anything, you just made me interested in "The Whispered World". thanx. looks nice.

  • @StarEye said: So it's out? In english?

    I would have thought the abundance of Chapter 3 threads would have alerted you by now, along with the Blog. I know, and i'm a wiiware buyer, so won't be getting it this month. In fact, i'm beginning my month spoiler avoidance absence again now...

  • I was talking about The Whispered World...

    *double facepalm*

  • I play it in German. I don't think its out yet in other languages. Its very beautiful and both melancholic and funny. I'd definitely recommend it!

  • Great, I look forward to it. You Germans get all the great games early, I wish I didn't stop learning the language. Maybe I should take it up again. :)

  • I wouldn't mind playing it in German with english subtitles if it were possible. Original dubbing is always better than a secondary one anyways...

  • OP makes me sad. The human race is doomed!

  • I just checked the official forum for "The Whispered World", apparently it will take a couple months for an English release:

    "The release date for international versions is up to the respective local partners - we're currently finishing the English localization of the game, but we assume it will not be published until early next year. For UK, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and France, the game will be published by Deep Silver/Koch Media."

    yeah we Germans are really spoiled with great adventure games. (not only retail but also fan games! like the recent zak mckracken 2) I used to play English games without knowing the language on my brothers C64, but I guess playing an adventure in a language you don't know wouldn't be much fun.

  • @Mataku said: I wouldn't mind playing it in German with english subtitles if it were possible. Original dubbing is always better than a secondary one anyways...

    I haven´t played this specific game, but believe me: usually German dubbing is not better than an english redubbing.

    In 99% of games with German voices, you have the feeling it sounds very unnatural. One popular German voice once said that he loves doing voice-overs for games because it is well-paid for little work. And this attitude shows.

    I am truly a fan of how energetic, emotional and funny most english-dubbed games are. Even if a game is available with German dubbing, I still choose the UK or US version. :)

    About the many adventures here, I really blame the history of gaming here for it. When the USA were wild about the NES, it was but a small niche here, and most gamers played C64, Amiga 500 or Atari ST. So the love for the genre naturally grew with many gamers here. :)

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