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LotL Cliffhanger (or lackthereof) ::Spoiler Warning::

posted by BobTGoldfish on - last edited - Viewed by 432 users

I apologize for starting what is going to me Number 89 of 9,000,000 Chapter 3 threads.

But I wanted to discuss the Cliffhanger.

Or really, the Lack there of.

Chapters one and two left us in REALLY Tense situations
a Sword to Guybrush's throat from an "unknown" assailant
a Our Erstwhile Heroes swallowed alive by a Giant Manatee.

Where as this episode felt Kinda flat.
I'm not sure what it was
I'm not sure if it was the fact that at the end The'Brush was utterly incapacitated, and therefore there was no real "Reaction"
Even with the after Credit sequence.
something still felt flat.


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