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Multiple spelling / grammar mistakes in Ep. 2 - come on, Telltale!

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There are a number of simple, simple grammar and spelling mistakes that really make me feel like this game is a rush job. I'm a huge fan, and the game itself is great, but why is it that small game companies always seem to skimp on the QA?

burry, (bury)
'tactition', (tactician)
multiple your / you're mistakes,
an it's / its flop,
and more than one missing period.

Whoever you have on the checking of the subtitles, I'll be honest - you probably pay them more than to just run spellcheck and say it's good. Some you can handwave away with 'that is how they say it', but the rest is sloppy.

I want to see you guys do well, and get more great licenses to reimagine. Little things like this will help, I'm sure.

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