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Tarot cards = plastic printed with game pack?

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Well, the last 2 S&M games came with a cool gamepack of really inventory stuff from the game.
I still wear the "Max for president" badge on my hair, and the mafia bear magnet is on my fridge...

Now I see that the Tarot cards started playing a big part in ToMI, and it seems you have made a whole majors deck!
I study Tarot cards and collect original decks.

I really hope that in future we will be able to order a whole deck (at least the 22 majors) of "Monkey Island TAROT cards" from the telltale shop, printed as official tarot deck!

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  • Yep, I have a tarot game set and a set of divination tarot... they're basically the same only the french tarot uses hearts, diamonds etc and the trumps are numbered instead of named. Least my set they aren't named, but card 13 is oddly gothic lol. I should really do a comparrison at some point. Get all of my tarot decks together and compair the iconography. I wonder where my Crowley deck IS... hmmmm.
    We also have the Mage: The awakening Tarot deck, if anyone's seen that... oh yes. It's pretty cool. Hubby plans to use it for games, he'll do a spread for each player then weave the narrative around that which sounds like an interesting way to run a game.

    Anyway, i'd love to see MI tarot, even if it's just a few of the cards released like the time cards for S&M season 2.

  • I would very very much like this. But also the "max for president" badge is class, cos it's something you can always go back to to wear.

    This being said, I think I only like this because I want lots and lots of MI merchandise, and especially so if I find out I've already payed for it :D

  • As far as I know, the Tarot Reading is a subjective experience. By that I mean one can use any type of cards as Tarot cards, IF they're numbered/named properly.

    There are 22 Major Cards (Major Arcana), in which "The Lovers" can find it's place.
    The rest of the 10 cards that Jake mentioned seem like Major Cards but they're not. Lothario can be the King of Cups, The Assasin can be the Queen of Spades... get it?
    There are 52 Minor Cards in Tarot that are combined with the 22 I mentioned earlier.

    I don't see Telltale printing 74 cards just for us to have fun with, or even 52 cards for a normal playing deck. But just in case they do, you should be able to actually use them for Divination.

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    Vainamoinen Moderator

    A "full deck" is an impossibility. Many of the cards presented in ToMI are not what you would find in tarot decks, but just what you'd think you would. ;)

    "Disease" and "the Assassin" are pretty "unofficial" cards. I liked the idea, nonetheless, and would find these cards to be a nice thing to have. If impossible, please release a small poster - or high-res pictures. ;)

  • Oh yes I would LOVE to have those cards, either as real cards or on a poster or something like that, or in digital form where you can print them and cut them out to use them as cards. I'm so fond of those cards, I'd die to get my hands on them!
    But I'd want the "Lovers" card to be intact, not cut into two halves. Still, the "Lothario" and "Shivers" cards with LeChuck and Morgan should be included, too.

  • In would like them to have too... only for look at it! :D

  • I'd love getting them as well!
    Although, if they ever get done, I hope they won't be made of plastic but instead like the nice cardstock from Bicycles or Tally-Ho cards. The handling with the Bicycle finish is so much better then slippery plastic cards.

  • I wanted to open a thread like this one.
    I think that physical cards would be awesome!
    They could also be a great digital treasure hunting reward.

  • I would get these cards if they were made. I don't believe in tarot or anything, but I think the art is really awesome, and I would love to posess them.

    Worst case scenario, could we have a giant wallpaper of them at the end of the season?

  • Having actual print copies of the Tarot cards would be fairly awesome. Even if they're not pack in with the collector's DVD, I'd probably pay for them separately.

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