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What's Your Ideal Monkey Island Sequel?

posted by Hayden on - last edited - Viewed by 343 users

I was just wondering what would be a perfect Monkey Island game for you personally. I myself would just really like to see a Monkey Island game of just Guybrush, Winslow and Morgan aboard the Screaming Narwhal sailing the the caribbean seas and exploring many various islands. There would of course be some sort of plot and story to it such as maybe searching for some amazing treasure or a new world (so to speak) far away from home over the horizon. I'd just love to see a game of just these three characters with NO OTHER characters from previous MI games, but instead, running into entirely new faces everywhere they go.

It would have at least 4 or 5 islands each with large environments, ship-to-ship combat similar to that seen in Curse of Monkey Island, multiple swordfighting sequences like the Guybrush vs. Morgan one seen in Siege of Spinner Cay and 80-100 unique and charismatic characters. The game should NOT try to be too "epic" and become extremely far-fetched and un-piratey as a result. The game should have basically the same graphics as Tales of Monkey Island and should have a main group of heroes (Guybrush, Winslow and Morgan) and a main group of villains with many other minor villains along the way. It should be a good old fashioned pirate story told with plenty of classic Monkey Island humour.

I'm asking for a lot, aren't I? Some of you may not agree with my ideal Monkey Island game and chances are that most of you probably won't, so what would your ideal MI game be like?

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