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Brutal Legend - the first Tim Schafer game that I won't buy

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I have played every Tim Schafer game and love all of them. But after playing demo of Brutal Legend and see reviews/video clips from the game, I've decided to skip Brutal Legend. All of previous Tim Schafer games have unique, undeniable timeless charms about them..

- Secret of Monkey Island : Unique settings (at the time), witty dialogs, memorable characters and mind bending puzzles. Unforgettable insult sword fight. A true adventure game classic.
- Day of the tentacle : Clever temporal puzzles and gameplay. I'd never forget solving a puzzle by adding vacuum cleaner in the constitution to solve puzzles 200 years later. It inspired me to learn more about US history than any textbook ever will.
- Full Throttle : Ben kicks ass.. enough said
- Grim Fandango : His magnum opus. I was immersed in the noir universe he created. Glottis is one of the most memorable sidekick ever in a game
- Psychonauts : I love the imaginative multiverses presented by each character. Because of that, I endure through the game eventhough the gameplay mechanic is pretty weak and the end boss is so frustrating.

The humors in these games do not need any pop culture references... comparing these games to Brutal Legend... The dialogs in the demo aren't all that funny. I felt like there are inside jokes for metal fans only. ("Jack Black in the game.. funny", "Ozzie in the game.. haha", etc.). It is Shrek-like humor compared to Pixar-like humor of his previous efforts. Finally, adding RTS gameplay element was a deal breaker for me.

Tim Schafer for me is a great writer and creative director. But as a game designer, he seems to be held back by the "gameplay" part. This seems apparent in 4-5 different unpolished gameplay mechanics in Brutal Legend.
Tim's game is always brilliantly written but he always struggled with the mechanic. Full Throttle's arcade sequence is subpar. Grim Fandango control & camera could be better. Same with Psychonauts. I don't want to endure a game just to follow the story anymore (especially in a setting that is not so appealing to me).

Good luck... Tim... I wish you the best for Brutal Legend and all your future games. For me, you have lost that magic touch. I'll go play Tales of Monkey Island instead of Brutal Legend.

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