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Game at the Official Website

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A really cool game has been uploaded on the CSI Deadly Intent Website so if you haven't checked it out yet do so now.I made this thread to discuss about the game,the cases and our levels

I solved:
1.Case of The Poisoned Chemistry Teacher
2.Case of The Bludgeoned Ski Guy

2/2,100% Success Rate,no SMS help used

Promoted to Junior CSI
3 More to be promoted to CSI Level 1

Please keep in mind that you can play a case per a day so don't go ballistic if you can't play all the cases together

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  • Love the fact that Ubisoft is cashing in already with the SMS messages. And shame that the site wont allow European, Asian, African and Australian/NZ sign up's for the draws.

    But you dont need to SMS, just think laterally people although it seems the evidence is limited, if you think correctly then you can see who had the most motive and pick accordingly.

    Just wonder how UBIsoft is going to send me my CSI notepad and pen! Being im in the UK :P

  • I've never played a CSI game, but the looks of it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeah I had to put fake addressess and stuff but its alright

    EDIT: Solved my 3rd Case ! I have been playing cases again with different e-mails and everytime some of the evidence changes !!! The killer is always the same though

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