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Purcell TMI signed print damaged

posted by Voodoo on - last edited - Viewed by 101 users

Well it looks like I'm not the only one with this.

I received my print today - the tube was Crushed along with the poster inside - now while I can't blame Telltale for the crushing I can however Blame them for the lack of thought in sending my Priceless item half way around the world in a stupid Flimsy tube :( to be honest I am now Glad you ignored a Support request some months back about a $160 merchandise order because if this is an indicator of how such things will be posted then I've saved myself money.


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  • Voodoo,
    Please send a ticket into I can't speak for months ago because I've only been at telltale for a little over a month now but if you have ticket numbers from "some months back about a $160 merchandise order", I would be happy to look into it for you.

    As for your damaged product, I'm sorry that happened. I will speak to the distribution center personally and see about alternatives to the flimsy tube containers.

    Please send me a new ticket or a pm so I can help you get your product reshipped.

  • Sucks it happend to you too, waited so long for my TMI poster and when it finally arrived I was so happy oh the horror when I saw what have happend to it:(

    Still waiting for them to answer my email:(

    They really should send the posters in a steel tube instead of a cardboard one :D

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