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Problem with all the games

posted by Satanic Saint on - last edited - Viewed by 380 users

I have a netbook with intel 256 mb graphic card.Whenever I launch The Tales of Monkey Island first chapter the pop up box comes and I click on the launch game button.Nothing happens for a minute or two and then suddenly the black loading screen with skull and bones in circle comes up and then windows comes up with an error.I did update my DirectX.

Also Sam and Max Season two worked flawlessly on my netbook.But when I launch the Wallace and Gromit demo the loading screen comes with words steady on and windows comws with a DLL error.

And now whenever I try to start Sam and Max Season two it shows the same DLL error.Please help!!

Just wanted to tell you that Sam and Max Season Two also worked on my very old celeron computer with a sick Intel graphic card.And Wallace and Gromit worked on my dual core pc with a 128 mb graphic card,the only problem being that wallace was invisible in the video.

Please help because I cant even play Sam and Max now which used to run flawlessly.

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