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Ankh wont start in vista

posted by phil25 on - last edited - Viewed by 457 users

i have installed Ankh in vista and all is ok and till i run it, all i get is the loading screen but then it just stops responding and the loading screen stays there forever !!!!!!!

help i want to play this again and i dont wont to revert back to XP

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  • Hi Phil,

    Ankh doesn't work in Vista right now. Deck13 is currently looking into this. (The activation system we use with Ankh doesn't work in Vista, anyway.)

    If you don't have access to XP and you've already bought the game from us, I can refund your money, just send me a PM with the order number.

  • Hi, thanks for your quick reply (unusual these days),

    I think i will wait as I do have access to another pc in my home which does have xp installed, just wanted to know if it was me or a fault with they way vista works with this game as I have had probs with other games but have manged to get them working using 'Run as Administrator'.

    again many thanks for your quick reply and keep up the good work it is so nice to see Sam and Max again after it was droped by the orginal produces as it is such a funny game.


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