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ToMI Ch. 4 - The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood: TRIAL BEGINS FRIDAY!

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Tales of Monkey Island
The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood

Who knows what happens in the next chapter of Tales of Monkey Island? Until we put out a little more information, feel free to discuss and speculate in this thread. For now, how about the most important question you guys seem to have...

Do you have an official release date?
YES. Look for the Trial and Execution of Guybrush to commence sometime this Friday, October 30th Pacific Standard Time. It might take a while, so hold onto yer breeches!

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  • Actually I've been developing a fan fiction for years which actually fills in the plot holes around things like the end of LCR/beginning of CMI and would even provide reasonable rationalization and justification for pretty much everything that took place in EFMI. It's not impossible. It might take a bit of imagination and some creativity though.

    And you're making some hasty generalizations when you go around grouping everyone into "those who do not know about EFMI" and "those who hate EFMI." I know several people who although didn't agree with everything in EFMI liked it overall. I once opened a poll (elsewhere) as to whether EFMI should be discounted from the series as "just a dream" and the general consensus was that it should remain part of the series despite its obvious flaws.

    It does take advantage of several mechanisms and ideas brought forth by the previous games, and albeit creating so many more, even attempts to fill in some of the existing plot holes.

    You may not be familiar with the idea(s), but people are allowed to 1) accept they are wrong and 2) change their opinions. Information was brought forward which was directly and flatly contradictory to the sources which I had previously taken for granted as the only sources on the matter. I'm willing to accept that I wasn't right in this, and given the new information I changed my argument.

    Just because I suggest that there is a possibility for another game doesn't mean I'm going around demanding that we "cram one in." I'm defending my position that there is a reasonable amount of viable (albeit largely hypothetical) content to create a feature-length game from.

    I fail to see why you suppose that events which have no notable impact upon the storyline should/would take precedence over (or equality to) events which directly impact the flow of the entire story. You suggested I was arguing against my own point by suggesting that there's no need (or reasonable justification) for an MI 3.5 (for example) while I suggest that an MI 5 (or 4.5 if you will) would be a reasonable addition to the series. Plot holes aren't resolved by forgetting about them and creating more, even larger ones (i.e., the "gap"). They're resolved by being directly addressed.

    It seems to me that you feel it would be better to just ignore any/all problems presently existing in MI canon and only address those which may be introduced by what TTG is producing. This (idea) to me is "moronic".

    All I was suggesting (in suggesting that MI5 hadn't been made and/or there is the potential for an "MI4.5") is that a game could actually be made to tie up the loose ends, to close off some of the gaping plot holes we're currently left to deal with on our own.

    I apologize if my (perceived) tone, word usage, emphasis, or otherwise has been offensive toward anyone or any party. It wasn't my intent. When I originally said that TMI is not MI5 I was making statements based off of the only information I had at that point (not that there wasn't other information available obviously, but I had not encountered it). After that point (when I changed my argument) I was simply trying to make note that although I was wrong, there was still some potential to the idea of a game between EFMI and TMI. I'm not saying it should be made or that it must be made. I was saying that it could. There is a reasonable amount of content to justify an interim game. There is reasonable opportunity for plot holes to be filled, for canonical unity to be restored to the series.

    Sure, a game could be produced as such and do nothing more than drag up bad memories of those who have taken some offense at certain canonical plot points, mechanisms, etc. It could be made and do absolutely nothing to benefit or further the series as a whole. I accept that as a possibility. Which is why I'm not just going around demanding that it be made.

    What I am doing is suggesting that despite this potential for epic failure, there is also potential for a game to be made which would benefit the series as a whole. Is that really so absurd?

  • @Bob Page said: I've bought the game via Steam, so I download it through Steam and not the TTG. So unless I get it from Piratebay (witch would in fact be legal due to the fact I've bought the game) I'm screwd until monday if not by some miracle Steam is also on autorelease...

    It is still illegal but don't worry, TTG won't "autorelease". What would be point?*
    They're not going to have it ready on Friday but wait to Saturday to release it automatically with no-one around to support it!

  • The homepage just changed! :)))))

  • @Grulien said: The homepage just changed! :)))))


  • I didn't realise personally that "Canonical unity" was all that important in a comedy pirate adventure game.

  • @Toothless Gibbon said: I didn't realise personally that "Canonical unity" was all that important in a comedy pirate adventure game.

    Given the fact that there's one canonical storyline I would say understanding how one thing led to another is important overall to understanding certain sequences of events. I'm not demanding total fulfillment and explanation of every hole ever introduced into the storyline; I'm just saying that having some (most) of the larger ones filled in wouldn't be a bad thing...

  • As late as possible, but hey, not doing anything friday night anyway. : )

  • CMI was a very similar situation to TMI, actually. New guys came in, developed a game, and had to introduce new people while dealing with the bombshell that was the LeChuck's Revenge ending.

    As far as I'm concerned, they did a horrible job.

    Would you rather have had NO Monkey Island game? Most people here have very fond memories of Curse, sorry you didn't feel the same way.

    With EMI, I'll take a bad Monkey Island game over no game at all. Yeah it sucked, but in the grand scheme of adventure games it was still alright.

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