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I'm stuck working out how to prove the women's leg was burned by DeSinge's Acid. What do I do?

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  • You do have a free cup. You get six of them, not 5. The moltenglass never gets empty.

  • Guys im stuck with feast of the senses

    The thing used in 3 and 5 is the same, right?

    and then what is is with 6?

  • Same problem here, only 5 cups with no way of getting the wax

  • same problem here! ihave only 5 cups and all are filled (one with the volcan thing, the glass molted (or something like that lol i don't speak english), the grease, the manatee oil, and the acid taken at desinge house. I can "unfill" any of them, or combine them to get one unfilled, no way to get the candle wax, :(

    helppppppp, maybe it's a game error

  • No one else has had a problem making the shape of the burn on the lamp leg into a skull? That's the last thing I have to do, I think. I can't find a way of changing the shape of the burn.

  • Never mind - I figured it out. Silly me.

  • Seems like a awkward problem imo, you get 5 empty cups and 1 filled with volcano shot.
    But it's kind of "early in the game" so speed-run on a fresh new game?

  • For the 5 Cups issue, I don't think you need all of them. You just need the right contents to do the job. (Although you SHOULD have enough cups to get all the options available.)

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